• Work Related Injuries

    If you are suffering with pain or pins and needles in the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, neck or lower back its quite possible it is work related and a form of repetitive strain injury as a result of you not sitting or standing properly at your work station Osteopathy is ideal for finding the Continue Reading

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  • Baby Cranial & Pregnancy

    During the birthing process both mother and baby can go through a stressful time, so what better way to relieve tension and stress than to have a gentle massage to the tense parts of your body     As well as the head, neck and spine, gentle massage to the belly area can help to Continue Reading

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  • ME/CSF Treatment

    The Perrin Technique is a manual system of diagnosis and treatment that has helped many hundreds of patients with CFS/ME since 1989.     What happens in the initial consultation? You will first fill out a questionnaire detailing your main medical history. You will then have a comprehensive consultation with the practitioner which should last a total of about 90 minutes. During Continue Reading

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  • Sports Injuries

    At The Lancaster Clinic we understand the needs of the sports person and the need for preventative treatments as well as returning you to your sport as quick as possible.Sports injuries are a specific type of problem that requires your therapist to be specifically trained in diagnosing  and managing them properly. John Lancaster first started Continue Reading

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  • Back Pain

    Back pain comes in many forms and can be caused by problems with muscles, ligaments, nerves, bone, joints, cartilage and tendons. Problems with posture will put too much stress on the spine in certain areas that are vulnerable.       It’s the osteopaths job to decide what is the cause of the pain and the Continue Reading

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15 years experience of healing people just like you

We successfully treat...

•  Sciatica  •  Back Pain  •  Muscular Problems  •  Slipped Discs  •  Trapped Nerves  •  Sports Injuries  •  Arthritis  •  Neck Pain  •  Headaches  •  Migraine  •  Frozen Shoulder  •  Tennis Elbow  •  RSI  •  Golfers Elbow  •  Joint Pain  •  Muscle Spasms  •  ME/CSF  •  Rheumatic Pain  •  Baby Massage • Knee Pain and Strains  •  Injury Aftercare and Rehabilitation  •  Pilates Exercises

As you can see from head to toe we can help you!

John Lancaster B Sc (Hons) OST is a local Osteopath based in Ware who specialises in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your injuries and pain.


​​The Lancaster Clinic 1 Baldock Street, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 9DH   01920 464737

Ross Mac

I was recommended to Lancaster’s by a friend, at the time I was really struggling with injuries as I'm a runner and had to pull out the London marathon. This was a really thing for me as I was raising money for a hospice that looked after my Nan before she passed away. I had been to see numerous sports therapist; Dr’s and had a few unsuccessful operations. I was losing faith that I was ever going to recover and run again, until I met john. He has been an absolute god send I wish I had seen him from the start; it would have saved me a lot of pain, tears & worry. Thanks to john I did run the marathon the following year and achieved a big goal in my life. After fixing my Tendonitis I then slipped & tore a disc in my back, when the doctors said the best thing I could do is start with was seeing a chiropractor. Luckily through my private health care they covered all the treatment for me, there was nowhere else I was going to go. I honestly can’t thank john enough for what he’s done for me. Anyone who does sport will tell you being injured is a really tough time. He really has been an absolute star & I recommend him to everyone I can. Thanks again John.

Richard H.

I have recently been having a lot of back through lifting wood burning stoves and have been treated by a physio for this a couple of times, however my pain was getting worse and was stopping me sleeping at night, so I decided to come and see John for an initial treatment.Your diagnosis of my back made lots of sense and your treatment stopped the back pain I was having within a couple of days... then as you had warned my it came back, I was awake again night, the following day you booked me in at short notice and treated my back yet again, along with giving me some great advice.Now 6 weeks on I still need the odd treatment every few weeks to stop the pain coming back, but overall I feel cured of my back pain and no longer have to lie awake at night in pain.I would absolutely recommend John to anyone with a back problem..