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Back Pain

We specialise in treating sciatica, muscle pain, spasms, slipped discs and trapped nerves. We have over 15 years experience in helping people just like you.

Arthritic Pain

The pain from arthritus can be helped with osteopathy and massage. We treat patients with arthritis regularly. You may not have to put up with your pain. We can advise on good posture and can help you with treatment and advise on self help.

Osteopath in Ware

Neck Pain

Neck Pain is purely that, “a pain in the neck”, an uncomfortable feeling that we can repair in just a few sessions.

Back Pain Specialist in Ware and Hertford

Shoulder & Arm Pain

From Frozen Shoulder to Tennis Elbow or Repetitive Strain, we can help to alleviate your pain and get you back to doing the things you love.

Sports Injuries Specialist in Ware and Hertford

Sports Injuries

At The Lancaster Clinic we understand the needs of the sports person and the need for preventative treatments as well as returning you to your sport as quick as possible.

Medical Acupuncture
Osteopathy in Ware and Hertford
Sports Injuries Massage in Ware and Hertford

Clinic Director
John Lancaster BSc (Hons) Ost
has over 20 years experience

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Registered Osteopath
Registered with Institute of Osteopathy
I have recently been having a lot of back pain through lifting wood burning stoves and have been treated by a physio for this a couple of times, however my pain was getting worse and was stopping me sleeping at night, so I decided to come and see John for an initial treatment. Your diagnosis of my back made lots of sense and your treatment stopped the back pain I was having within a couple of days…I feel cured of my back pain and no longer have to lie awake at night in pain. I would absolutely recommend John to anyone with a back problem..
Richard Hudson 

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