We very much appreciate the kind words left by our patients. Each and every review left by our patients is testament to care and attention to detail we avail to everyone at the Lancaster Clinic.

My son has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 3 years and in January I found out about the Perrin technique that osteopaths use to help this condition. I took him to John who assessed him and put him on the 12 week programme. The results have been amazing and my son is now feeling so much better. Anybody who has, or who lives with someone who has, CFS knows how difficult things can be at times. I wish I'd known about this technique 3 years ago and I wish I'd taken him to John earlier. John has always been friendly and professional. He has really helped my son and I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Having suffered from neck pain for quite a while I have consulted with numerous therapists, chiropractors, physios with no real significant change to my neck ache. It seems I am paying the price for 30+ years of rugby. John runs a local Osteopathy Clinic in Ware and was excellent at explaining my condition and had a go at a variety of treatments and it looks as if my neck problem has finally settled down. These days it is getting harder to find professionals who are passionate about what they do and I recommend those healing hands to anyone with any form of physical pain.

Alan Tobutt   

John has been treating me for sometime now. I have found him very knowledgeable, and great at what he does. He has treated numerous sports related injuries for me in a quick and efficient manner. Highly recommended!

Kris Pringle   

Over the last few months I have received treatment from John Lancaster on several occasions. He took time to assess my posture and particular needs. I found the treatment helpful, thorough and effective, giving pain relief and healing. Although in recent years my need for an osteopath has been limited, over the last thirty years or more I have been to numerous osteopaths while living in different parts of the UK and abroad. I can thoroughly recommend John to anyone needing treatment for musculo-skeletal injuries and pain.

Nicolas Simon   

When I got in contact with John Lancaster I had severe back problems which made me doubt whether I would be able to do sports and play with my children again. After a month of treatment and listening to John’s positive advice I was fully recovered and back to a normal life, both at home and at work. Today I am more fit than ever thanks to John’s pep talk, exercise and a more healthy diet and I would recommend anyone who wants to make the same journey as me to contact John at The Lancaster Clinic. One only has one life so why not listen to people who knows what they are talking about!

Michael Hansson   

My wife Karen would like to thank John for his specialist care and attention. For a number of weeks my wife had been complaining about a pain in her arm which had been causing undue stress and pain. On meeting with Karen, John was able to quickly diagnose the cause of the symptoms and more importantly was able to affect a cure after only 2 sessions of treatment.

Mark Stewart   

The Lancaster Clinic is a life saver,having several bad falls from my horse (one in which I fractured my neck) if I had not found John I am sure I would not be mobile today let alone be able to continue to ride and be pain free,My visits to him keep me supple and able to ride any problems John treats before they become an issue. He really has healing hands!

Vanessa Cornford