Your first visit includes a FREE Consultation Stage (normally £10) followed by your Treatment Stage.


Treatment Duration Cost
First Consultation &
40 minutes £45.00
Each Follow-On Treatment 30 minutes £45.00
Osteo Massage 45 minutes £55.00

Special Offers

Treatment Duration Cost
Course of 5 Appointments 30 minutes £180.00
Regular Price (£225.00)
Course of 5 Appointments 45 minutes £225.00
Regular Price (£275.00)

Preventative Maintenance Treatments

If you commit to booking once every 6 weeks you can get £10 off every treatment.

So pay for the year upfront with 9 treatments throughout the year and save money whilst being assured of the benefits.

Your Maintenance Plan Price : £315 (£35 each)
Regular Price : £405 (£45 each)

These treatments are designed to be preventative so they will save you from future pain and discomfort..and a lot of money.

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