If you are suffering with pain or pins and needles in the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, neck or lower back its quite possible it is work related and a form of repetitive strain injury as a result of you not sitting or standing properly at your work station.

Osteopathy is ideal for finding the subtle causes of your pain investigating how your posture has been over strained during work time.

The human body works at its best when posture is correct and using the least amount of energy,and just the postural muscles are being asked to contract. When we sit or stand in even a slightly wrong position the smaller fine movement muscles are asked to start working and pretty soon they become tired and pain and stiffness will occur.

Key Areas To Postural Problems

Foot Arches

The arches in your feet are of the upmost importance; an imbalance here can cause twists and torsions throughout your pelvis and spine and can cause pain in any of your joints. John is qualified to assess your arches in your feet and prescribe insoles to regain and re align your posture.

Pelvis and Core Stability Structures

Your pelvis and core stability structures are very important when it comes to posture. A balance of flexibility and strength is essential to a healthy spine and pelvis. This is where John’s knowledge of Pilates exercises is essential to regaining your correct posture.

Spinal Curves

The spinal curves play the biggest part in healthy posture because if only 1 joint is restricted in movement it can throw the complete spine and neck out of line. Most people are walking around, going to work and playing sports with multiple joint problems in their spine just waiting to cause pain, this is why a maintenance treatment just like when you take your car for an MOT or service is key to a healthy posture.

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